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New website - thoughts...


Staff member
yes and no, this is more of a login page so I suppose the brand isn't as important.
Having said that I don't like some of the 'brighter' colours like the pink and the blue because you lose the white text.

Tony Hardy

Levi said:
yes and no, this is more of a login page so I suppose the brand isn't as important.
Branding is always important.
They must have one colour they use most? I've noticed in the favicon it's blue...so is that their lead colour?

Sean Lee-Amies

Yeah I agree with Levi on the colours.
Will the main site feature different colours? Otherwise, what's the point of the different colours on refresh? Just a bit of fun?
I think that as a
wac said:
I'm doing this new site. You'll see the twist when you refresh the page but do you think not having a set colour dilutes the brand?
I think that as long as the logo and the overall design is very recognizible the color might not be indispensable. The first example that comes to my mind is FedEx, which shows a consistent logo but different colors depending on the service offered.


Senior Member
I agree that colour can be very important for the brand. My idea for this was that the colour of the brand would be white, and the background would simply be environmental, changing each time to keep things interesting like the Bing start screen.
Tony, you are correct in saying that the pilot colour was blue of rgb cyan, which was probably my favorite.
Yep, i am agree with Tony that branding is always important for any sites. Also you should change the color it's not looking approriate and not also compliment.