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New website re-design


Active Member
Hey John,

Browser FF 3.6 MAC

The main bar across the top, looks odd, as its disjointed, it doesn't go the full width of the screen yet it doesn't stop at the right hand edge of the website either?

The navigation looks rushed and more of an after thought, and I really don't get why the telephone # has been dropped onto the main header images like that? Also the very heavy text over each header image feels out of place.

I would also look at how the main body copy is constantly competing for attention with your two right hand side columns on each page, a little bit care on presentation would take this site from being average to something really worth reading into.

Oh course, this new site may be leaps and bounds over the previous, do you have a before and after?? and the above are only my personal opinion, im sure there will be lots of others here to add more opinions soon.

Hi Sunburn,

Thanks for the feedback.

Not sure whats happening with the header as I have set the width to 100%, but I did notice on larger monitors it was not going to the right hand edge. I will look into this.

The navigation I wanted to remain clean and straight forward. A maximum of five main links that include drop downs. I might implement some graphics to seperate the navigation from the header in some way.

I might reduce the width of the middle column which would increse the left had sidebar which might draw the eye closer to that area of the page.

The previous site can be found here:

Media Training | Realistic training courses from Media Mentor


Senior Member
Hi Johnstone,

The problem with the top banner background is that its one image set at a wdith, so simply when someone like myself who has a widescreen monitor the image just isnt wide enough.

Your best bet it to make a repeating bkg image for the body in the same gray colour, just a few pixels wide then for the gradient part, put as a fixed bkg in the header if that makes sense.

Overall you did a good job, but I think the text below the banner should have a bit more margin to the banner. And maybe you should make the small text in a gray tone instead of black. It would feel lighter.
I like the design, its simple and easy on the eyes, I would agree the footer is a bit heavy, maybe something to compliment everything else in the colour scheme?