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New website, feedback please needed!

Discussion in 'Website Design Critique:' started by mmediadesign, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. mmediadesign

    mmediadesign New Member

    Hi everyone,

    We are Graphic Design company based in North East England. We specalise in graphic and webdesign.

    I need your feedback on our latest website: Tenants4U

    Many thanks

    M Media
  2. kayak_nut

    kayak_nut Member

    First thing that struck me in one word is busy, but thats not necessarily a bad thing in this case if the message you want to get across is the free thing. As a viewer I am left a little lost wondering what I need to do on the site, you could try making it a little clearer where tenants and landlords should go. Tone down the areas which do not need an impact and focus the impact on the areas you do want to draw attention to. Plus the background texture is a little too defined, try knocking it back.
  3. mmediadesign

    mmediadesign New Member

    Thanks i will try doing so any specific areas you think i need to focus on?

    Why don't you check out our portfolio and have a look to see if all our designs styles are similar.
  4. smadamij

    smadamij Member

    My head hurts. Less is more in my book.

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