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New web site - a free online status/availability board


Junior Member
Our web development company has built an online in/out board application. Well, sort of a modernized in/out board.

It's pretty simple and free to use.

We've only just launched it so I'm keen to hear your feedback on how it looks and how it works.

View and Quick Sign Up here



Senior Member
While a nice looking app. It seems a bit like you aren't solving a problem, more just making something to be made.

I'm not a fan of this type of designing.
Oooh Harsh words people XD - this person probably will not come back anyway. I think that this website and concept is actually handy but is more suited to a mobile platform. If individual groups could subscribe to this and have private implemented versions then it could work - sometimes Email calendar syncs just dont cut it XD.

Off-topic just thought I would say that havea habit of disappearing for periods (since I am still fresh to this whole design/code business, it takes more concentration for projects XD.)

ALSO ALSO - anyone been getting emails from Kurt Nuemann (kill_all_djs does sound familar.....).

Lastly, thanks for the random email Greg - even if it was automated (using a named address makes it kosher).