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New wacom gear...


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http://www.gizmodo.co.uk/2013/08/wacom-cintiq-companion-windows-8-and-android-tablets-for-artists-only/ - basic write up
http://cintiqcompanion.wacom.com/en/ - cintiq companions
http://intuoscreativestylus.wacom.com/en/ - stylus
I like the idea of the full pc (should have been haswell, it's last gen cpu), kind of like the idea of the hybrid but you just know its going to be pricey but the cost of that stylus kind of looks good to me if and I mean IF it works as well as it sounds it could be a nice little bargain for those of us already with an android/iOs tablet.... scratch that, no android, until wacom gets their ass in gear it's no use for me, the lack of android is rather ironic considering the hybrid companion uses android :rolleyes:
edit: better write up: http://www.digitalartsonline.co.uk/news/creative-hardware/wacom-ipad-is-here-cintiq-companion-tablets-launch-with-windows-8-android-versions/
I could be tempted to get into sketching more with these.. they're just damned expensive for what they are....


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I love Wacom and I want a Cintiq like crazy, but these prices are still too darn high. I may as well buy the 13HD for that price. I realize there's a lot of technology involved and stuff but it would be nice if that was available to a wider audience. I can't afford to drop $1,000+ on a product when I'd be better off sticking to my $300 Wacom Intuos tablet, which is even expensive.


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well from what I can make out you should be looking at the companion as more of a windows laptop/slate than a graphics tablet, they both (apparently) have a 7 hour battery life. The hybrid is best described as a 13hd that converts to an android slate when detached from the pc.

Sean Lee-Amies

Yes they did change their site and it's really nice! I think the only real way they're going to survive in the long term is to be able to transform their product into something else, and a tablet seems like the obvious and logical choice. Otherwise other devices are eventually going to start taking from their market share as devices that also have basic graphics tablet functionality, they needed to get in their fast and they seem to be on the ball so it's all good.
I won't be buying one any time soon though, not until the price comes down!
I think that a stand-alone graphic tablet was at this point really necessary. So far, who wanted to draw outdoor digitally had to rely on devices not meant for that function (mainly for the absence of adequate pressure levels). Of course, since we are in 2013 the tablet also needs to be a complete portable device, with all the issues that come with this or that operative system. I believe that—If Apple would release an iPad with a Wacom touch-screen—that would be a great purchase, in spite of the price.