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New to Freelance, need to quote a logo

Hi everyone,

I'm relatively new to freelance and have recently been assigned a task by one of my clients. When this client was starting his first company ten years ago he worked through a different designer. Now my client has a second company on the go and would like to use one of the concept ideas that were presented to him those ten years ago. The old designer gave him permission to use the concept and gave him a quote for the logo. Now the client has come to me and asked what my quote would be. I'm quite unsure of what to do in this situation seeing as the design is not my own. I'd likely be turning it into vector and hashing out any tweets to the design if there are any. So, my question is how much I should think about charging seeing as the design isn't mine but I'd be creating the vector file?


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Hello Sammy,

Just workout/estimate how long it would take you do the job, then charge per hour.

Job estimate x Hourly rate = Money in the bank

For me it would be

Time x £20 = x for this type of job


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Like Jordan says.

If you're just working it up as vectors then you should be able to estimate it quite accurately.
It's the design side that can be more of a stab in the dark.
Yes, the amount you charge ultimately has to depend on the amount of time it will take you to complete the task. Never try and rush a job though, give an estimate that is realistic