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New stock site, free image to first five responses

Discussion in 'Website Design Forum:' started by Kerioak, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. Kerioak

    Kerioak New Member


    I am a stock photographer and digital artist who has just launched my own site and would like to spread the word about it, see signature, and to help promote it I am prepared to offer the first five members of GDF one stock image of blog size, to use for example within a website for a customer. In return I ask that you credit me with "© Christine Nichols, .

    I also ask to know the location of the image used for tracking purposes and if agreeable may include a blog entry to provide links both ways

    You will see mention of Symbiostock - this is a new idea whereby artists and photographers can set up their own stock sites but be part of a large network without going through agencies. If you search via categories you will only see images available on my site, if you use the search box you start searching the network and get results from other sites . Currently the Network consists of experienced stock photographers and artists but we are looking for more people to join us both within the network and as clients for our work.

    You can contact me via the contact form on the website or via Christine at kerioak dot com to let me know which image you require - I have a wide variety to choose from with more being added frequently

    Kind regards
  2. Corrosive

    Corrosive Moderator Staff Member

    What a great idea. I've used iStock etc. before and wondered how much actually goes to the artist. Best of luck with the project.
  3. Kerioak

    Kerioak New Member

    Thanks Corrosive, at iStock it is about 15% of the price paid for the lowest tier of artist - which the majority would be and many of the others are also very low, and they keep changing the terms which never suit contributors so a growing group of us have set up our own sites thanks to Leo the guy who designed the software. Now all we have to do is find the customers and learn to be business as well as creative people :)
  4. Edge

    Edge Active Member

    I'm not too fond of iStock, especially the people photos, so don't know if there is a market for more 'real' photos. What would be nice is not having to choose from a selection of airbrushed cheesy models shaking hands when I type in business man or business woman.
  5. Kerioak

    Kerioak New Member

    I don't have that many images up yet as still adding some on a daily basis, but the offer in my first post is still running if anyone contacts me with the image they would like - I don't have any one shaking hands - dogs with guitars, roses, stethoscopes yes but not people shaking hands - maybe I should add some :icon_smile::icon_wink:
  6. Edge

    Edge Active Member

    Nooooo - less cliche's and something a bit more real - you never know, there, could be a market for it....
  7. Wardy

    Wardy Well-Known Member

    Hi Christine, I recognise your name from a certain stock forum!

    I hadn't heard of Symbiostock, but I may be interested in setting one up when I get chance. Looks interesting!
  8. Kerioak

    Kerioak New Member

    Hi Ian

    I cannot imagine where you recognise my name from :D

    Symbiostock is very new, we are just coming out of Beta so are now looking for both new network members (which we seem to be getting every day now) and clients.
  9. Mister

    Mister New Member

    Bookmarked your site. I do a lot of work for animal charities such as Woodgreen and SSPCA so some of the animal shots will be ideal for future projects.

    I too am a bit fed up with istock. About 5 years ago it was good but it needs a good clean out. There's a real hole in the market for non American looking images.
  10. Kerioak

    Kerioak New Member

    Thank you.

    Some of the animal images might be more ideal than you realise as I am involved with Chancepixies and quite a few of the dog images are their rescues
  11. Tony Hardy

    Tony Hardy Well-Known Member

    All I would say is have a look at your site design, but a great idea :)
  12. Kerioak

    Kerioak New Member

    Thanks for checking it out - I have had a look at my site design - do you think I should be looking at anything in particular ?

    It is still evolving but any useful C & C is always appreciated

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