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New start up website - Makes My Job Easy


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Hi All,

I launched a new website at midnight yesterday. It's kind of a project for PJ Studio to delve into the Twitter API but I feel it could work quite well too!

Its called "Makes My Job Easy" and is based at Makes My Job Easy | Tweet about making your job easier!

I came up with the idea when I was tweeting about some new software I loved yesterday. Well, that evening I created a site that people can tweet from about what makes their job easier.

The website also harvests tweets containing the specified hashtag too and if it takes off tweets will be categorised so you only have to view the category of tweets that might help (with web design for instance and not about clothing!).

Hope you get the gist. Looking for a bit of a review on the website, idea, getting the word out about what people generally think.

Thanks to all who take a look and have read this far! Appreciate that quite a bit of stuff like this posted on here is spammy but as a bit of a personal project for my business I hope some thoughts/critique will be spilled!



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Thanks for taking the time to look.

As I initially said. At first it was a way of me creating something simple to start looking at the Twitter API documentation, but actually, it could serve a purpose.

If people start tweeting from it with what makes their jobs easier we could have a hole load of info to help others in their jobs too.

Do you think it would benefit from an intro bit on the website explaining it then?

Ah.. I get it now.

So I go onto the site and say #thisapp is a great CSS reference I use it when I need to remember the syntax?

My only thought would be how do I get to find what I want to know, i.e. A handy app for remembering which ventricle of the heart to bypass in major surgery won't make life easier for a bin man ;-)

I think it's a great idea on a single topic site where tweet users can congregate.

I mean like

I *heart* Justin Beeber because...

I reckon that implementation would go crazy


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I quite like it :)
There's a lot of space in the blue section though. Could shave off 50px, or drop your title by 25px or so.


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Thanks for the feedback :)

You're most definately correct, a tweet about heart bypass won't help a bin man. As this is a bit of a development project there is always going to be things to improve on it and categorisation is something I had in mind anyway - it's just working out the best way to do it!

I've a few ideas in mind on categorisation but it's a catch 22 of getting people to use it to tweet first )or atleast catch onto the idea of it) so I've got some tweets to play with and categorise. Including other #hashtags is a way of doing it that would then be drawn into their own feed for viewing.

Glad you like it, you're right, there is a lot of space in the blue section. I will take a look at this tomorrow and adjust the layout slightly. There's a few other things I've got to add to it to make it slightly more user friendly (and of course a bit more snazzy and not QUITE so simple) so will probably do this at the same time as that!

Would be interested (greatful and appreciative) if you started to use it! ;) haha

Any other thoughts on it? Thanks again :)
Could be a good platform for a 'tweeting forum'! For example, Radio 1 would have a site like this set up for their 'Big Weekend' and people would tweet how they're looking forward to it and other useless stuff for that... Less productive than your initial use but another avenue for advertising...