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New site


Senior Member
Without getting into the argument of using flash for websites due to accessibility, the slow loading of content and what not, here's a few things that I wanna mention!

- Once I clicked the "Enter" ballon, the pop up with quotes from people appear and I then have to click enter again.. To me that's almost like having two splash pages! Also, on the second Enter button, it took 4 clicks before it actually did something!

- Where you have set the objects to move and then "bounce" once in position a couple of times it appears odd when you then move your mouse off these because they then "bounce" before falling back to their previous position. Although this may be the effect that your after, I assume its just because youve reversed the frames whereas if you actually made them bounce one way on the hover, and then fall back to position and THEN bounce when you move your mouse I recon it would look a bit more natural... Could just be me

- On the first page, I feel the very top central text needs some space above it

- Where's the button to mute the background music?!

- On the pegged menu items the text becomes blurred when hovered over

On the plus side, I think the visuals of it are pretty dandy and aesthetically pleasing and although the transitions from page to page take quite a bit of time they are impressive...


Staff member
the green tennis ball not moving with the houses is quite weird....

got to say it was awfully slow to load and it seemed to stutter on my system in places. My system will happily manage 720p flash vids due to hardware acceleration etc.

Some of the 'menu's' just seemed lethargic in that I kept wanting them to go faster.

And it does need a mute button


Senior Member
It seems a little jumpy, maybe you should wap in some dynamic backstage pre-loaders so the site runs more smoothly without having to wait.

All in all though I think it look pretty cool, kudos! :)
agreeing with everyone, Levi is right about the tennis ball thing, it needs to revolve and of course the van with the road will have to revolve too. Parts are very jittery for example the van going around. Where you have that and then the background which seems to run smoothly, it gives a very awkward feeling whilst looking at it.


Senior Member
I LOVE the look and style of the site, its brilliant, but...

It took ages to load up when I got to the page, then I had to click enter which only opened up another screen where I had to click enter which then opened up another screen that had to load again, taking a further 15-20 seconds.

So I had been on the site for well over a minute and still not seen any information.

Im no expert, but im pretty sure the web guys on here will tell you that the average surfer makes their mind up in the first 7 seconds of a website and unless u grab them straight away, most people will just give up.

It was also frustrating that when I selected something else from the top menu, the loading screen reappeared, by which point I did give up!

Love the style of the site but it looks to me like you have sacrificed usability in favour of stunning graphics and personally I feel thats wrong. Most people will never get to see your gorgeous visuals as they wont have the patience so the site isnt really doing what it should be. Sorry to be harsh, just giving my honest thoughts.
I like the general aesthetic of the site but have some small points;

It is a little slow to load, even after revisiting it after it has been cached.

I don't like the way the contact banner loads up. I think a simple 'reveal effect' may work a little better.

Some of the transitions are a little jolty and I think that when the main 'pages' unload, it should be done a little quicker.

Some of the elements in the animations have a pixellated white surrounding where they haven't been cut out fully.

All in all though, I do like it and the search engine issue is irrelevant. It is fairly user friendly as the topic areas are pretty obvious. Maybe work on some of the smaller animations and elements?

Alex L

Senior Member
Too big on my laptop screen and once you have clicked into the flash element, you can't use your scroll wheel. As for functionality, it has been said...


Well-Known Member
The two 'Enter' button thing annoyed me. I also think there's such a thing as 'too much motion'. But I think the overall look is nice. Just control it more.


Junior Member
What I do not like:
1. It takes quite slow to load.
2. Every page require a long time of loading before we can view.
3. Do we really need to have two 'Enter' to get into the main page?

What I like:
1. Nice design. Like the cuteness of the website.
Cheers for the comments.

Our big problem with this job was time and we could of done with an actionscripter inhouse. But it was our 1st attempt at something like this and the client did make some decisions like the enter button. Overall I like the look and feel of it, but yeah some of the flash animation could be improved.

Nick M

Junior Member
Load times were fine for me but I have a big pipe!

The drawing of the new page is ok but the removing of the current page artwork felt a little slow.

The copy on the detail pages was a little difficult to read - maybe a larger font size or less copy ;)

When viewing the detail pages which have multiple pages you introduce the left/right arrows - they navigate the wrong way - in essence, when you are on the first page you have to scroll backwards...

Does this site remind anyone else of a certain gas company? :)
looks great and seams to work fine for me, seems to be a fair few bits of loading that may put a few off and with it been the type of site some may not even be able to view it in first place.