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New Site.


Seems like an age ago that I posted anything on this forumn, although I do still keep tabs.

Anyway, for the first time I have actually made a website from scratch, but as I am not a coder wondered if anyone could help me out and take a look at it. Im sure it is an absolute mess.

+ I cant get google analytics to work ....

Vanya Beloborodov +44 (0)7815-906-243

Anyway, hope all is well with everyone

Vanya xxx
I'll be honest it's no masterpiece of coding, however for your sites purpose it is fine.

If I had some suggestions it would be to:

1) Use an attached Stylesheet (.css file) to hold your styles that way you can easily link to multiple pages, giving you much more friendly code. Using inline CSS kind of defeats the point... so get it in a stylesheet!!
2) You could (if you wanted to improve the loading speed of your website) instead of using tables for layout, use div tags... however if you don't wish to overcomplicate things then it's fine as table's

I'd also read up on Google Analytics because from what I remember of it, there was a 24 - 48 hour wait for your analytics to activate, but I'm not to sure.

Hope that waffle was helpful :D


Senior Member
lol! I thought that clock was preloader I was waiting for ages! It was ticking round and I was thinking 'damn this has got to be prety special'
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