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New Site?


Staff member
Probably not going to like this, but I hate that slider idea, it wouldn't be so bad if it didn't require me to scroll back and forth depending on which header I'd clicked but it just seems like a lot of effort to view whats under each header.

Maybe you can make it so the header can 'pull the text up' again after its been viewed as I kept trying to click on the header for it to pull up.
I like the slider.
I think there is a lot still that needs to be done to this website (as you say its unfinished) but Id like to see it progress further... I'll subscribe, keep me updated!



Active Member
Tim, you have too many 'new sites' in my opinion. It seems every other month you're dissatisfied with your old design, scrap it entirely and go somewhere totally different.

For me the sliders are cool, but they're impractical and therefore aren't the best solution.

Keep it simple, display all the info the user requires on the page straight from the load so that they can see what they're getting.
Hi Timmo,

I much prefer this to your old site. However I feel that the header is too high, and the 'Hi and welcome to our site text' looks a bit misplaced to me. Perhaps you could try to decrease the height of the header so that you don't have to scroll when you click 'Web Design'?

As I have never built a website I can only comment on your communication.

The website, technaclly anyway is very quick and smooth.

The design however is a different story. For one the highracky between the language and work is wrong. I dont really understand why you have different tabs for different disciplines and all you have in them is "we do this, and that etc."

If you are trying to tell people about what you can do, show them. It is much quicker. . . . So by having the work first/or easy to get to will give people more information than a list of things you do.

Secondly, your art direction on how you present work is terrible. The way it pops up in a window on all white . . . makes the work feel like something off iStockPhoto.

"God is in the detail", did god say that . . dunno. hehe.

At the moment the experience lacks personality and is very dry.

Here are some design agencies that have great art direction, not only in the work they produce but also how they present it. Take note on how they use both language and image, colour and layout . . . . what information you see first, and what does it tell you . . .

Build - Showcase

Browns Design

why not associates


NODE Berlin Oslo — Graphic Design Studio

onlab | onlab

Hope it helps.

Lastly, your identity . . . try gathering all your competitors and putting them all onto one page, then place your logo somewhere and this will give you a good grounding on where you should go . . .

Cheers and take it easy, Vanya