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New site im building

Hi Alzer,

I think it looks really good! There's a few things I'd tweak however. The footer is a bit too close to the the edge imo. Perhaps you could consider giving it a bit more breathing space in the top?

Also the crop of the images in the call to actions could be improved I think. The smartphone is aligned to the edge. Maybe try covering half of the first phone and the same with the monitor and the little dudes with megaphones :). I think it would give you some more interesting crops. The jQuery boxes could also use some more padding. On the "real time tracking" one, the text is touching the bottom I.E.

Drop shadow looks a bit dodgy on the drop downs. On the Clients & Partners page the text is spilling over the edge of the hero image. Minor nitpicks though, and I know you're still working on the build.

Really nice design though! :up: