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New site idea


Can I get your views on this new mockup, still working on the logo so it's not on the design as of yet, but would still quite like your ideas.



Senior Member
I think it'd look a lot better without the sporadic line movement tbh.

can't judge right now without those gone... i'd also consider changing the type to Myriad Pro if you're going for simplicity and an "apple" feel to the site.


Staff member
Not keen on the menus' they just look wrong.

Also I'm 99.9% certain you can't use the apple image (unless you took the photo) for any purpose that could bring money in

All the different textures/background to the images don't really do it for me either

I'm also one for justified text but I suppose thats more of a personal preference.


Senior Member
It's very difficult to give an opinion without a complete identity.

Without a solid logo how can you develop the remainder of the layout?
This might just be different ways of working, but I don't see the use of completing a layout visual without having a complete "brand' or identity to make it out of.

Sorry to be blunt but it seems a little 'cart before the horse' to me.