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New site critique

Hi guys,

Could you please give me your thoughts and feelings on this new mockup, must point out the images on the site aren't going to be the final ones, currently doing my own on illustrator, for the about me part.

My concern at the minute is that the page needs more content on, just wanted to get another opinion.



Senior Member
Hiya mate,

For me the icons..fb, twitter...etc..need to be in white..no wood effect. not sure about the positioning,

any reason's why you have decided to use a different typeface for your name..
Hi Chris,

Sorry for being harsh. But I really don't like your identity/logo. It doesn't fit in with the site design and the drop shadow doesn't enhance it at all imho.

I'd suggest moving your tagline "Welcome..etc" down in a seperate horisontal column for itself perhaps. I just feel that the header is too busy and would look better with just your logo and the menu (but I could be wrong :)). And maybe just have the tagline on white background and play around with the typography a bit more? The line height could be increased a bit in your body text. The headings are a bit weak as well and your "read more" actions don't invite me to click on them.

Hope that helps in some way!



Staff member
Sorry in advance here :)

its a bit strange to me, I kind of like the layout but I don't like the logo in context either, the facebook icons need to be white as said and I just dont get what all this wood background is about.

It just seems to me that wood is the in thing for online backgrounds at the moment but it doesn't mean its right for a design site, yours also looks like a garden fence to me :(.

The logo also says american 'ville' type town rather than your (sorry) garden fence design.