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New Portfolio

I think the work in your folio is really good - great attention to detail and good use of type.

The only thing I feel the site would benefit from is some background info about the work - I wasn't sure if the work for Spotify was concept stuff or not.

I'm also not keen on the WP theme that you've chosen to display the portfolio items - I would have liked to have seen a much larger pop-up image that displays the entire web grab / UI interface.


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Thanks for your comments Designmatic.

On this page Spotify | jHouse Design // Portfolio of Jack Bingham it does say its concept ?

The WP theme isnt to blame for the portfolio items - the display image can be set by me! Some of the UI is partial and isn't a complete UI - usually to show a part of a UX mechanic etc..

It does annoy me though how if you go to Portfolio > Click thumbnail - it opens in Lightview, rather than going to the page itself (you have to click the text beneath the image) - I guess thats why you didn't see the background text for each portfolio piece?

Again i am impressed with the designers on this forum, i am a member on other forums like WDF and the designers on here seam to be very good designers.

Thumbs up on the portfolio section of your site:)
I like the simplicity of it and in that sense it does the job. I would like to see more images of projects and a little information about it also. As a prospective client - it would be nice to know a little background to the work
Ah I see! Can you change it so when you click on the image it takes you to those pages? Much more effective than showing the images larger.

Do you have the abilities to add another page? (an about page) If this is a website for your freelance work, then I think it's beneficial to have some information about yourself


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Gonna have to get my developer friend to help me out here - its way over my head! :D

Thanks for the feedback though - it appears to be a bigger UX problem than I thought. Looks like no ones been clicking through at all! :(


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Welcome back Jack :)
Portfolio is looking very nice, looks like you're moving into UI design more than anything else now? Where's your previous portfolio work? Decided to cut it back to the latest/strongest work, or?


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Hey Greg -

Yeah I've had a sudden interest in UI and UX design - especially for Android. As I change and learn my old portfolio work seems less impressive to me and also less relevant so I tend not to include it as much!

The bread and butter work I do I never really tend to show anymore.


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Fair enough, thought that might be the reasoning, and looking like a good growth market to be getting involved in, especially if you can hook up with some decent app developers :)


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Yeah and best place to find them seems to be Twitter.....and then you realise that you're the smallest tiniest little fish in the sea! Which is good!
Nice! My only observation now would be to slow the speed the images change in the portfolio section. Saying that, it seems that some of the image sequences are to demonstrate interface usage so keeping them at the speed they are now works. But for other things like your print work, I'd slow that down and give people a little more time to view them.


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@Chris Lord - Funny thats EXACTLY whats on my mind. Its the last thing that I want to sort out - but not sure if I can...

Its a bit annoying, but once they load the slideshow is OK.