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New MySpace Logo


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Hot on the toes of the recent launch of the new Gap logo, MySpace has revealed it's new identity...

MySpace VP of Product Mike Macadaan unveiled the new logo in his presentation, “Designing for Real-Time: The Usability of ‘Right Now.’” Instead of keeping the actual word “space” in the logo, they’ve decided to go with a literal interpretation by replacing the word with, that’s right, absolutely nothing. Macadaan’s reasoning is that because MySpace is a “platform for people to be whatever they want,” the company is giving them “the space to do it.”
Personally I like the concept, to have the confidence to drop the word altogether from the logo will allow a great deal of freedom with their marketing, but wonder if it might be perceived as a bit pretentious? I'm guessing with Facebook's dominance in all things social networking MySpace is looking to promote the music/bands side, and really connect with peoples interests more directly.

Further reading on the new logo:
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Will be interesting to see what feedback this logo gets following on from the major backlash on the Gap logo, I have a feeling it will be more positive as the existing/familiar MySpace logo was never that strong.

I'm not sure on this at all - I suppose I can see where they're going with it, but it just looks like part of a word game!


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Fair point Lee-Ann! :)

I guess that's part of their thinking, that you as a user fill the gap with your interests and passions, the only practical application of that I can imagine is with advertising/marketing campaigns, not entirely sure how that could get that involved in the day-to-day use of the site, if that is the plan.


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I really like it and the confidence it shows that people will understand what it is
They also have the power to start using the "my _____" brand...
like associating i-_____ with apple
associating my- with myspace... my friends, my music :)

I hope they can revive their site :)


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I can imagine them dropping other words into the space, similar to the PS3 ads "It only does ____" (games/movies/everything etc)


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I like the new "artsy" myspace logo, I definately prefer it to the previous logo.

It is simple and does seem to have some thought behind it. The logo also has the potential to evolve as the my space brand develops into whatever it wants to be? I hope it works out for them.


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Just saw this!

But this was a reaction to the fact that they are changing the platform to their 3.0 layout, which is going to mean a massive headache for a lot of people, including myself! I am waiting for the change over and a fair few emails saying, "Yor fing dont wurk"


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I really like this.

It's quite ballsy to assume people will 'get' it. It's not talking down to it's audience, the viewer has to do a bit of the work.
Like others have said the marketing possibilities and applications are very good.

Not just a good logo, but the potential to re-build the brand.