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New Macbook Pro


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anybody got one?

I'm thinking of upgrading my macbook to the latest version, mainly because I got so pissed that two days after I bought my Macbook, the new titanium one was released, and I could've got it for the same price!


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Apparently, there is no upgrade. I'd have to sell my macbook and purchase a brand new macbook.

In my defence, they didn't actually tell me a new macbook was coming out, and the only way to get the new one was to leave my macbook unopened and send it back for the new one.

But i didn't find that out until now either.


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That happened to me last January when I bought a Mac and 2 days later the new version came out.
I played merry hell at the shop and they exchanged it for a new one. Shy bairns get nowt! So complain and they may exchange it. Always bypass the saleguys and insist to speak to the Manager and show your annoyance.
Generally works


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To be honest.....There isnt much (if any) difference is there?! Apart from the look and feel.

I much prefer the look of the old ones anyway TBH!
The new 17" ones pack a bit more RAM and a slightly meatier processor chips than previous models, but other than that it's just a slightly nicer shell.

The glossy high-reflective monitors in the new ones piss me off though.


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It's pissing everyone off.... Apple is offering some sort of treatment to counter the gloss but apparently it's not very effective and you lose your notebook for 2 weeks or something :/


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Hey guys,

the new macbook pros have lots more than just a RAM upgrade. They have a glass touch-pad that's an all in one mouse, graphics cards for playing games on (because people always moan about it apparently), a better screen resolution, and more battery life.

I found if I sell my Macbook and buy a new Pro, I will only have to be paying £325 or something like that.

Oh and BTW guys, if your macbook bottom or top case lifts up (even if you drop it), take it to Apple and tell them it just lifted up automatically, and they'll reveal that they have a plastic fault with the shell... make sure they don't make you pay. I paid £180 for a repair that wasn't even my fault, and my friend got his for free.
I have been using a new 15" MacBook Pro for the last couple of months. I have been impressed.

The new track pad is a great addition and being able to use finger gestures makes some tasks effortless.

Another feature I like is being able to switch from NVIDA 9400M to 96000M GT which does make a difference with battery life and performance.

The one piece aluminum case is very sleek and should wear well.

The new LED screen, it's personal preference really. The gloss screen really doesn't bother me and image is very sharp.

And lets not forget the FireWire 800 port, which is not on the MacBooks.

As it says above the 17" offers more power, options and a funky new battery!

Before making any Apple purchase check out these sites, it should save you from buying product ready for replacement...

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Thanks, pshillabeer :D

Will do...

I've recently applied to be an Apple Creative in town, so not sure whether it's worth buying one now or waiting to see if I get the job and therefore getting a discount.
There is a 30% family and friends discount if you do get a job there - very nice!

I have my own friend who kindly buys my Apple gear for me - everyone needs a friend like that.

Don't forget you can also get student discount if you visit the education section on the Apple site.


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Yeah, I used my student discount to get my Macbook cheaper. Got £198.19 off :D

30% is amazing! I gotta wriggle my way in, even if I'm don't get the Apple Creative job!