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New mac news & rumors website, critique needed

Hi guys, i've just put up a new Apple inc. news and rumors website:

Eat your Apples

im learning web development and graphic design as i go and since this is my first attempt at a website i'd love some feedback, any tips or ideas for the layout, design or anything else would be brilliant.

Many thanks,
Hi Adrian, firstly you might want to go make an introduction in the introduction section, you will tend to get more of a response from others once you have introduced yourself.

In regards to your website, looking into your code you seem to be using a blog site, so I'm curious as to how much of it is actually your own work and not a template from the site itself. If it is all your own then not bad for a first attempt.

One thing I can see is that the colours are all just a bit random, by this I mean that they don't tie in with your branding, it all just looks a bit generic. Experiment by using the green from the apple for things like the banners or the menu icons.

You also don't seem to have an h1 class anywhere, you might want to think of using one to give each page more of a presence.

As for the ads on the left, to be honest for me ads are a no when it comes to building sites, unless you're getting something out of it.

After doing a little more digging I'm not getting much of a personal feel from the blog as I'm finding for many of the blogs you have practically copied paragraphs of text and just changes a few words here and there. I'm getting a feeling your not really being very original. You need to give the blog your own feel, it's all to samey, add your own twist to the articles, put your own personality in there.