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New Logo

Hi Guys,
This is project I'm working on. It's a logo for a company that specialises in improving failing OFSTED schools and failing social services in different councils.
First one is a very clinical and government style mark using the company name CLN (care, learning, nurture) and incorporating a tick into the N to symbolise progress, forward movement and a job well done.
Second one is a less clinical, more approachable, logo using 3 abstract children with their arms in the air to show happiness etc, or can be viewed as 3 children reading a book to symbolise the learning aspect of what CLN do.
Don't know which one the client will choose but I thought I'd share them both with you all anyway.
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Cool stuff, both of them.
Personally I think the second one works best although i'm not very keen on the font... but I see why you chose it. Only thing is the idea of having a circle + arms has been used many times in any sort of community/contribution/together etc sort of logo. I think the green lines only looks like arms, rather than reading books.
As I said, pretty cool stuff - just passing on my opinion :)
Cheers Alex.
I agree with everything you've said. I know the abstract person with circle and arms has been done a lot, but in this case i just felt it worked. The font was the 'easy' choice when I was doing it. Looking at it now I can see it needs changing, and it will be changed.
The arms vs books seems to be a 50/50 split with people as to what they see, which is what I really like about it. It's somewhat objective, but either way relates well to the company and its goals.
At the moment I'm still torn. I think part of me is just really happy with 'tick/N' from the first one. And even though it doesn't fit brilliantly with the company, I just really like how it looks...

Tony Hardy

That second one still looks like flies to me ;) Haha. I have no idea why.
Nice to see you about the forum again Mark!


Junior Member
Both looks good but if the matter is concern with me then I will pic the secound design as it looks good then the fisrt.