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New Logo Required

Hi there all,

Got a new project underway for PersonalisedCards .co.uk and looking for a new logo.

Although we have a brand across other sites we run under Photo Stuff Limited this new project is a joint venture and will be owned by Personalised Cards Limited and although I would like to keep the same smiley face style we need to differentiate slightly.

Is up to £100 a fair budget for a logo?

I was planning launching some sort of competition for this but thought I would put it out for ideas here on Design Forums.

I have colours what I need to adhere to.

What are your thoughts?



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Is up to £100 a fair budget for a logo?
The short answer is no.

The long answer: You WILL find people willing to work with you for £100. You will NOT be guaranteed to find something of value. A professional graphic designer expects to be paid fairly. £100 is unreasonable. To put it another way, £100 is less than one day of work for the entire project. I'm sure you would feel hard done by if someone only put the odd hour into your identity.

I trust that your question is genuine. It's understandable that you may not know the average price of a professional so with that in mind, please note that you should ideally increase your budget to at least £200 - £400 if you would like to adhere to "a fair budget for a logo".

I will send you an email with further details, but wanted to post here as well.
Unfortunately not a great deal of interest on any forums so I have therefore launched a competiton on 99 designs. Please feel free to enter.




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Excuse me?

Typo expressed interest.
I expressed interest.
Glenn expressed interest.

Instead, you choose to follow the highly looked down upon route of spec work via 99designs because we expect fair payment for our work?

Congratulations on insulting every professional designer out there.
Apologies if this offended you, but I assure you it was not meant to. All fairness, I should have read your full post but I stopped at "the short answer is no, maybe I took that the wrong way too".

I have worked with Graeme before and infact he lives around the corner from me, I believe Graemes strengths lie in Characters/Animation etc.. and we have used him in the passed for that type of work but I believe the logo I am looking for is not the style Graemes portfolio shows, not to say he could not design what we are after.

And Glen commented, hope you got this one sorted.

After a few days of posting on here and not receiving an influx of designers then I thought 99 designs was full of talented designers and possibly some of whom are active members here on DF and therefore I would get the best of both worlds withing my budget (Which is now at $295)




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Regardless of whether you work with anyone on this forum (or whether you choose to read my full post and not just the first line of it), if you use 99designs to get a logo, you are supporting spec work. Spec work is looked down upon by the majority of the design industry including AIGA, the professional organisation for design.

I urge you not to use 99designs or any other crowdsourcing sites as they promote free/cheap labour. Not only will you get a lower quality product because you are not working closely with someone, but you will also degrade the profession which you want to work with in the first place.

Your budget of £183 (which I see that you've expressed in dollars to make the amount seem bigger) is bigger than your initial budget of £100 but it is still unreasonable if you wish to fairly compensate a professional designer for their work. This is one of the reasons you were not "receiving an influx of designers" - Your budget is/was unreasonable.

As I said in my first post, I trust that your question of whether £100 was enough for a logo was genuine. As I mentioned, it isn't, nor is the budget of £183. Add another £100 onto that and you would be getting somewhere.

I urge you to take another look at why spec work is frowned upon by the design community and ask that if you want a professionally designed logo, then raise your budget to a professional amount.


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Just to add my comments, I believe £180 is a fair budget for a simple logo design but not as a possible payment by taking part in a competition. I would have put a quote in for the project, but wouldn't be too keen to work from an existing icon/mark of the smiley face, as I think I'd personally find it difficult to work that into a new logo design. Thanks, Greg


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A fair point, Greg. However, let's say your hourly rate is £15. A fairly normal rate. £180 is equal to 12 hours of work.

Let's say you spend an hour speaking with the client in person/phone/email/skype to get a good understanding of what's required and work up a rapport.
Add two hours of research time to see what competitors are doing.
Add four hours to sketch some ideas out.
Add five hours for developing a choice of two or three rendered logos with variations.
Add another hour for discussing the logos for with the client and choosing a final logo.
Add another hour to make any changes the client would like.
Add another hour to discuss the changes and finalise the project.

Total hours: 16

16 hours x £15 = £240

The above example is not unreasonable to assume with the development of most identities and is sometimes on the lower end of the timescale. This is why I believe a budget of £180 is too low when the client expects (and is absolutely entitled to) high quality and good service from the designer.
I wouldn't have been able to produce it anyways not with my 20 years + of graphic design work behind me. You have only seen my illustration portfolio of work Mark.

There you go.
Greg said:
I believe £180 is a fair budget for a simple logo design but not as a possible payment by taking part in a competition.
Fair point Greg! I was pointed to 99 Designs by an affiliate associate. I have no idea on how the design industry view these style websites but I will certainly follow up on this post with my experience and end result.


Typo said:
You have only seen my illustration portfolio of work Mark.
Hey Graeme,

Could you drop across to me your non illustration portfolio of work, we loved your illustration work or maybe drop by the shop next week sometime?