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new logo idea for myself

Hi everyone,

After seeing what Jim and Typo have done with their logos recently thought it was time I thought about giving myself a proper logo.

Been sketching some ideas and the attached is the one that stood out most and I will go on to develop this. The idea behind it is a bit of a comical sketch using the evolution theme but with the idea that from the first monkey wondering what the brush is, to the human being able to paint masterpieces with it. Any feedback would be much appreciated!


well sometimes it really does feel like being at stage one of the cycle, wondering what the hell I'm doing with a project. Then again I have seen plenty of "artists/illustrators/designers" who seem to be at stage two "using the brush to pick your nose"
I think this works well as a logo for an illustrator. But for me, the imagery against the word 'design' doesn't really fit for me. I do however love the concept.

It may be nice to have a slightly 'rougher' treatment to the type (not grunge, just more calligraphic/hand written').
thanks guys.

Mrp: ha no my handwriting is generally terrible this is the font "journal"

Chris: I'm with you on the imagery against the word design, I think I'll try putting the image against it in different ways, perhaps have the text cut into it. Good shout on the font too, this was just the first one that grabbed my eye, i might just try giving my own hand writing a go and then ammend it slightly to look better.

Tom: I like it, gives me an idea for alternate logos to use on different types of media.
ah gotcha Chris. Ye I've been thinking about that, reason I chose design as the suffix is that illustration and art are both taken, but I know what you mean. I am a designer as well as an artist and an illustrator but I want to use my name rather than brand myself as an alternate name so finding it hard thinking of what way to go about it.

Nice idea mrp, might just do that!
well as a initial idea I didn't intent it to be attractive, at the moment its a sketchy mess. In the end I intend to concentrate on the line work of the images so it becomes more vector like and tidy, it's got a way to go yet!


Senior Member
I like the concept a lot.
However it might be a bit too fussy to use as a logo. I think the 'evolution idea would make a great website header.
Perhaps you can reverse engineer the idea to take a element out of the evolution concept to use as an icon that is a (missing) link :)
I also echo the design/illustrator overlap thing.

Be interesting to see how this develops. Good start!
thanks Krey. I did a quick tidy up on the line work last night, at this stage what I think it will be a vector style illustration, so making it less fussy. I've started playing around with what mrp said with drawing over the font myself, just trying to see what style I can achieve there. Attached is where I am at the minute.



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I like the idea a lot. Therefore I find that you should put only the final stage ( where u stand ) in order for the logo to be simple and neat and keep the details and explanation for the website and other graphic prints. good luck :)


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I like the idea of a drawing for a logo, but I'm not sure about the concept of the evolution. It's been very much used. PG Tips used it - just to make an example.

I'd use another drawing.

I like the font you have used and the style of your drawing.