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New logo for a fashion accessories company


I'm looking for a quote for a logo design for my new start-up company.

We're planning to sell evening fashion accessories, so something on the elegant/feminine side, and it would have a slight element of eastern/Indian subcontinent influence, to match the products we'll be stocking.

We're looking for something simple clean and legible, with soft feminine feeling text and colours with an artistic feel to it.

We'd also like a logo/emblem or pattern to accompany the design something we can also use for branding purposes.

We'd like a unique identity so an idea of how much we'd be expecting to pay would be good.

Hope this is enough information for you so you can provide us with a quote.

Would appreciate any advice.

Thank you,

Hi Matt,

I'd love to be considered for your identity project.

Will pop you a PM a little later today (out and about and accessing the forum through my phone)
But you can view my portfolio through my signature links below.