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New Kudosis website!


Senior Member
Hey all

I thought i'd just post a thread in here to get a bit of outside/external feedback because all i've had recently is praise from local people.

What do you think of the new Kudosis site? I kept it nice and clean and wanted to let the work/colors of the work do most of the talking.


It's not 100% yet because the Portfolio page isn't fully complete, i'm still yet to upload the web and identity section for the time being.

Any criticism is welcomed, whether it be good/bad or constructive



Senior Member
Its a placeholder for about 2 days, it's there as a purpose to see how it fits :)

Most of it is sitting here waiting to go, just wanted to get opinions/any changes decided before uploading the finished piece

Wee Jimmy

Senior Member
One thing I would suggest is bring the Featured Work up before the fold of the page. Currently they are cut, and although says "scroll down" just looks off.

A bit of vertical tightening and it's sweet