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New Infographic - 150 Years of the England Football Kit

Nice detail, obviously a lot of research has gone into this. It would be good to share around the time of a large football event. Bright, colourful and eye-catching everything an infographic needs. Food for thought about the growing use of infographics on the net for visual generations!
It did take load of research, but we are really happy with the outcome. The second half is coming along nicely and should be ready soon. Infographics are certainly really visually engaging and have worked well for us a content. Do you design any infographics Lucy?
Hi, thanks for asking. At the moment, I am focusing on writing for the blog at Doxdirect, you can read some of my posts here: http://www.doxdirect.com/blog/. We have a business orientated infographic on the blog called "An Ode to Doxdirect". It's a bit of light hearted fun. Personally, I like to be creative and play around with infographic software for my own info needs. I definitely think it should be something I focus on more as it's such an effective way of presenting information.