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New graphic designer website

Hello all, Just looking for a critique on my new website - www.benkemp.co.uk

The main goal of this website is obviously career orientated, looking for internships etc in agencies.
Secondary to this it is a portfolio for clients to view for any freelance work that might crop up.

Anyway, Everything is new, having used behance and other such sites before, I needed a new look hand-built portfolio and identity

So any critique would be appreciated. From simply my logo to particular pieces of work.

Also, I'm aware there are some pieces not uploaded yet..simply because they are in progress now.



Staff member
So in essence what you have in your portfolio is concept work - you really should make that clear in your portfolio.

Basically, what will happen is a person trying to hire you will see your rebrand of J2O and do some research, or call them and ask about working with you and things like that.

Anything that was concept work, or competition work should be marked clearly.

Nice stuff though. Well done.