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New graphic design book to help with preparing portfolio *discounted price*

I have just read this new book What to put in your portfolio and get a job: Graphic Design and its really motivated me and given me fresh ideas of how to approach design agencies. I've had a couple of interviews and placements but no solid job offers yet and it has been extremely frustrating.
My friend let me borrow the book, she had another book by the same author Know Your Onions: Graphic Design (i haven't read this yet though)

After reading the book cover to cover i emailed the author just to say how inspiring i found it along with a couple of ideas of how i could change my portfolio. I wasn't expecting a reply but after a day or so he did, said thanks for buying the book and gave me a link for an offer to give to my friends. I thought i would share here and I've pasted the offer below. I don't usually do this but i really do recommend the book, it is small, but full of things to make you think.

What to put in your portfolio and get a job: Graphic Design
Early bird offer: £4.75 instead of £6.50
Closes end of March 2014
visit: Articul8 Publishing
Voucher code 'earlybirdie' - case sensitive