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New freelance in London


Junior Member
Hi Guys,

good to be here and take part in...

I am not new and I am new as well.

I am not new in web design : I got 11 years experience in Belgium, France as a freelance, and have been employee in the UK for 11 months. I would like to become freelance again. But need to launch my activities in London...

so I am quite new in this situation... if someone knows particularly London for this...

I am new on this website and very happy it exists.

do you have any advice for someone beginning as a freelance in London,
any way to get in contact with my new potential clients ?

Is it really such a hard time to begin as a freelance in London ?

what about this projects for professional designers on sites like Guru.com or limeexchange.com ? I just discovered these and didn't get exactly all details about how it is working.... anyone knows about this kind of sites

Thank you
You desire, I design
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Welcome to the forum. I have no idea about being a freelancer in London... I'm sure others may give you a clue whether it's in this thread or down the line.

Hope you get what you want and more from the site... it's brilliant.
Hi VinceL

Seems we are in the same boat here! I have just relocated to London from South Africa and looking to do a bit of freelancing myself (although I specialise in print design).

Would be very interested if anyone could provide some London/UK specific tips...

I am also up for collaboration with anyone, pm me if you are keen! :)