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New Desk, Do you think its value for money or can suggest me a better one?

I am getting a new desk at work and I wanted one that you have storage space underneath like to one side and also one that is height adjustable. I have seen the Elite Optima Plus Desk on Offspring Direct but I didn't no if it was a bit pricey?
Do you think it is value for money or have any other suggestions of desk that meet my requirements with the height and storage.
A clean workplace is everything to me! so as long as you keep it clean, You have my vote! I would really like it but if I wanted it I would have to some how need to find space for it... it probably wouldn't fit in my office... its too big and clean!
I would go for it if you can buy it!
I think this is down purely to the individual. Personally it doesn't bother me where I work, I have a simple little office at home with next to nothing in it and I work fine from there. Sometimes I work from bed, or nip to a cafe.
Whatever you feel comfortable with and will aid your work.


I wouldn't spend that amount of money on a desk, but them I'm not fussy on that kind of stuff.
I think its very steep for a desk.
Have you ever tried to customise one for yourself? i have seen some people use industrial scaffolding on wheels and a frosted glass table top at a much cheaper price.
i use a high gloss white table from ikea but it has no storage if thats what your after. it cost less than £100