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New Design(ish) Podcast - North v South

Hi all,

A friend and I have recently started a new podcast. It's about, but not about design. As graphic designers who both once worked together in a studio, but now both freelance from home, we realised we missed that 'over the iMac' chat you get in a design agency. Our podcast aims, in a way, to replicate that.

We'll talk about the business of being a freelancer, design issues, and we will also cover the more varied topics that come up in conversation.

Episodes 1 & 2 dealt with how Jon and I got into design, but also touched on…

Sketchbooks, Pens, Fargo, the iPad Pro, Pies (there will always be pies), War of the Worlds, Time Team, The Wasp Factory, World War I, Fighting Fantasy books, Whitby, and Caractacus Potts.

So you can see it's pretty varied.

You can listen and subscribe on iTunes or via Soundcloud.

Any feedback would be welcome.