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New Design Blog


I am not sure about the protocal on this, but I have a design blog that I have been developing. I have been considering offering guest posts to young designers to kinda show off their work. I was just wondering if this would be the kinda thing that people would be interested in doing.

please feel free to comment below or pm me.

looking forward to some feedback.



Junior Member
The concept is nice, but are you thinking to sale designer's work to sale on that blog? What will be its financial output you think?
I hadn't thought of selling work really, I have just started highlighting some good work. I want to add people that want to show off some of their projects.

I have a section called design spotlights and I really want to make it a place were I can show some great talent and for the works to have the artists words on their too. I feel that there are to many sites that show work, but have zero info on it. So I thought I might be able to help in that area, I am not charging for this, instead I am doing it for a link on the designers blog or site.

If any one is interested, I'd love to see your work and give you a spot on the site to talk about your work and show some images too. Just send me a pm or reply to the post.
Pretty interesting content on there. The design could maybe do with lifting a bit and as above maybe some more image, although it is only the most recent posts that don't have any images. But content wise it is quite a nice and informative read.