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New CV Design

halfbuiltrobot said:
In my opinion, I would really avoid sounding like you have nothing else in your life other than Design...

"I have an utterly unshakable passion or design. When I’m not designing or talking, reading or writing about design, I’m thinking about it. It’s what I love to do."

Makes you sound a complete bore to be honest.
You also have a widow on the last line of column one, and a couple others dotted around...sorry that sticks out like a sore thumb to me, devaling all the big claims you've just made.

I do like your layout though, looks nice and neat.
Hi David,

Thanks for the feedback. I'm not boring, I promise. I'm just probably trying too hard in my CV to persuade you of my commitment to something I really enjoy doing.

There's lots of other things I enjoy too, I happen to be a keen tennis player and I'm also an architectural writer. Perhaps I should mention those too for the sake of not appearing one-dimensional.

I really like your illustrations on dribbble, very sharp style. I shall bookmark your feed.



Senior Member
The yellow really grates on me, It would look much cleaner and more crisp on white. The turquoise/blue colour will have more impact.

Just my two cents. Good layout though.


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You should definitely mention your hobbies or interests and make sure they are truly reflecting your taste. It's really annoying when an interviewer finds out that a candidate has invented something jut to fill up a space in their cv (generally thinking that it isn’t an important issue).

It is important because employers (don’t forget they are people!) want to have a glimpse of what their future employees or collaborators are like. They’ll try to figure out what working with you is going to be like. They want a nice atmosphere at work very likely, and… you want it too I’d guess. So don’t under evaluate that that bit of your cv.

Once said that, you don’t sound a bore and I like the design. Nice job.
halfbuiltrobot said:
oh crap....I'd better remove the para about my weekend mountain climbing and bass jumping activities.
And I should include my weekly Skull and Bones meetings and amateur vivisection classes…


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halfbuiltrobot said:
oh crap....I'd better remove the para about my weekend mountain climbing and bass jumping activities.
If the interviewer is into it as well he might invite you to a session...

Just say what you really enjoy doing. It's more fun!!


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Remember, someone checking a CV is likely to spend 30 seconds deciding whether or not to read it, make the important content jump out at them! Whether the CV is for a design related job or accounts, they still want someone who matches the companies ethos.
For me a CV should:

• Be one side of A4

• Be concise and bullet pointed where needed

• Be honest and informative with relevant information

• Not contain any work - this should be a stand alone document, send work in a different pdf if needed

• Be printable - easy on the colours

• Be easy to read

* Be bloody good.

If i were you, i'd condense it, remove the personal things, have recent employment, skills and qualifications at the top and have it on one sheet of A4.