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New Company design - Comments welcome

Hi there.

I like it :) Something I noticed was that the FB like button grabs my attention far more than your logo in the top banner. I'd suggest moving it, or making it smaller?
A good clean site, looks good, personally there's nothing I'd change. With the facebook like button I do agree with Luke, it works in that people notice it straight away so a good way to get people to your facebook page but I would personally go for a fixed div on the side holding the social icons rather than putting any in the header.


Senior Member
I'd be worried about using black and red together while your trying to "sell" as they're extremely negative.


Junior Member
ie sucks, even this one with win8, but there are people who use it, anyway, just tested on chrome, works perfectly, the design it's perfect in my opinion that red you used, i think you need to decrease the saturation, or, i don't know, the contrast, it's very vibrant.. Loved all, including the social networks buttons.
Im with previous posters, i think the reds too vibrant so id tone it back a touch - it shouts SALE to me as opposed to a RICH VELVETTY QUALITY feel - all subjective though! Only other thing id implement is make the headlines real text so that it can be indexed, missing a good opportunity there IMO. Other than that, grand fella.