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New Business Venture!


New Member
Hello new to the forum,

hello im wanting to get into the industry of designing and printing my own large roller banners on stands. I enjoy designing posters using a free ware called ''GIMP'' excuse the name lol.

I dont know weather using this software will be ok to print really large banners such as the roll banner, i have my eye on a Canon imagePROGRAF iPF770 36-inch large format printer and was hoping this would do the job for me.

my questions are ;
1) if gimp is not the right software to use, can anyone recomend a good poster making software i can use?
2) i will be designing anything from buisness posters to wedding posters, can anyone recomend a background website to pay them to use there backgrounds to make life much more easier?
3) i will need to buy ink, banner roll, stands etc. does anybody know any whole sale supplier that i can get these items from?

thank you for your time reading my post and with a bit of luck i hope this is the start of my buisness thanks again!


Staff member
Have you done any research into printing, the print industry, printing equipment, banners, materials, the market?..


Staff member
GIMP is a raster only design program (not really sure if it has vector shapes, vector masks, or text layers as PHotoshop does).

You'll need some other freeware to design in Vector.
Inkscape is a free vector program
Scribus is a free page layout program

Good luck.