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New Business Deals


Junior Member

I've always wondered how you find new business in such a hugely competitive industry. How do designers hear about pitch opportunities? and when an account is up for tender. How do you go about having a chance at pitching? Is it simply word of mouth?

Look forward to hearing your comments...

Marie :)
Eagle said:
Networking. :)
Totally, Networking is the way to go. Get a LinkedIn account, get as many people as you can to put up some reviews... Maybe try and get in with a startup - they're always looking for work on the cheap and if you can afford to offer it to them, word spreads fast (I work with a couple of startups, I get loads of work through referrals from them). Twitter is also surprisingly good, especially if you know someone respected as a web dev/designer to re-tweet your portfolio (until you become someone respected!)


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you might want to do a search on the topic of networking as most of us here don't use them and have found them to be a waste of time.


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DON"T PITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's the road to ruin. Create a brand and they will come to you.
You devalue yourself and end up doing continueous speculative work that has a 1 in 8 chance of success. Go to Ladbrokes you'll have better chances.