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New Business Card

I designed these over a year ago. But with the recent site launch, wanted to touch them up a bit and change the colors. They are pretty much set in stone as I already sent them off to the printer, but would still be curious to hear thoughts as I can always improve them for the next batch.




Senior Member
I don't like it that you switched the light around... doesn't seem very logical to me. And I don't like the three titles at the bottom, I think it would look nicer with just your logo. That's all, nice texture, nice but subtle 3D on your name. Good allround card.
Matt no you are not being stupid :) I just haven't had the time yet to get some of my broadcast work edited and pieced together. It was a lot easier to just do the image work at launch (crop/upload).

Most of my motion work was all for television shows/informercials, so the elements alone don't make a lot of sense. So I'm waiting until I have the time to put together small "packages" for each project which I'll then upload.

Of course, my site is still a huge work in progress and the portfolio section eventually will change dramatically once I start getting my motion work prepared. I plan on breaking apart each section (web, motion, multimedia) into their own respective pages.
Thanks for the comment Onartis. It's funny, my first version of the card last year I didn't switch the light around. But I got numerous comments from designers over the year that all thought it would make more sense for it to be reversed on the back, after all you're turning the card over. I kinda liked the idea and went with it. But I'm curious as to what the consensus about it here will be, as I have no problem going back the other way.

As far as the three titles at the bottom, personally I don't mind them, although I can see what you mean. Since I wanted to list the 3 items, I didn't want them cluttering up the front of the card with my contact info, so put them on the back to standalone. Do you think the card would still work with them completely removed? Or are you suggesting incorporating them onto the front somehow?


Senior Member
Yes I was insinuating to put them somewhere in front.
About the light: in real life you can flip over things, you can turn around a book, you can walk around a building. So let's assume your business card is a book. Turn around the book; did you turn around the light too? So in terms of realism I don't find it very logical to flip over your light along with the texture.