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New Branding


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Been working on some new branding for myself as a side thing to iamscotty.com.

I tend to do a lot of different work in different areas and in different styles which can be a little hard to brand and market yourself as an illustrator as people like to see one trick ponies and working in one style would do my nut in. Working in the greeting card/gift industry does that to you.
I also don't want to be seen as a jack of all trades either so I've decided to go with a more agency type feel without pretending to be one.
I had a good think about the kind of work I enjoyed doing and I don't want to attract the riff-raff.
Just started working on my site and these are some images for a slider.



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Make it sharp then old fellow. We're shooting tigers in the Punjab and the little rotters won't shoot themselves. ;)
Looks Great. Just a thought, Sliders are not really in the high converting website formula with current trend. have you thought about doing a single strong full width image?