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New blog design

Discussion in 'Website Design Critique:' started by miralize, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. miralize

    miralize Junior Member

    Fastest ever from PSD to Wordpress. A bit featureless at the moment, but its gonna become more complex designwise soon. Also im not so keen on the white links, possibly adding pink or green to the mix. Your opinions?
  2. tim

    tim Senior Member

    liking the wordpress stuff :D

    but it's too busy for my eyes, the links are all over the shop dans mon opinion.
  3. miralize

    miralize Junior Member

    i agree its too hard to find the links in the sea of white :p
  4. Kevin

    Kevin Senior Member

    You should increase your line-height to make it less tiring on the eyes. And I think making your sidebar a dark-grey-blue color would be fitting.
  5. miralize

    miralize Junior Member

    just updated the design. what do you think? i still have no logo..
  6. 61pixels

    61pixels Member

    Overall not bad man, but I do have some critiques.

    For starters, it appears like the header graphic is missing? There is a very large empty space at the top of the page, that looks to be a link, but there is no image.

    Secondly, the text is really hard to read for me. I would take Onartis' recommendation and increase the line height, and work on the spacing and padding around elements as right now it sorta looks like a mess of text to me.

    I'm also not sure if I'm digging the transparency on the content bg, as that might be contributing to the text being hard to read as well.

    I've also noticed you don't have hover states for your main navigation, or "continue reading" type buttons. I would try to make sure you have hover states on all links where possible.

    Lastly, again with the fonts, the feedburner text is dark grey and almost impossible to see let alone read. I'd look into changing that to white or another color.
  7. Kevin

    Kevin Senior Member

    Because of the large margin at the top I too have the impression that something is missing. I can't remember there being such a big space in your previous version. I'm not digging the wood texture, the feel isn't that great and the hole makes the repetitive aspect very blatant. Look for a more smooth wood texture.
  8. Jazajay

    Jazajay Active Member

    You need to increase the letter spacing tbh, that will make it a lot easier to read.


    Purple ~ CSS
  9. berry

    berry Active Member

    text heavy, no focal point of interest for my taste
  10. jHouse

    jHouse Senior Member

    Yea I have to agree, I'm afraid.

    I also dont like the lower case headers - should be sentence case I reckon - otherwise it looks like an error.
  11. Leventhan

    Leventhan Junior Member

    The first thing I would recommend you to add would be a header or logo to your blog so as to add a focal point that will pull visitors in and view the rest of your blog.
  12. Jazajay

    Jazajay Active Member

    Yeah for some reason the image has not failed to load it's just not there it's just 1 massive link which is a tad weird TBH.
    This here ~
    <div id="logo"><a href="/"></a></div>

    Is a hidden link and will get you penalized.
    If the background image that is ment to go on the logo id says exactly then that is fine, however currently your logo id from what I can see doesn't have a background image attached to it so is a hidden link.

    The other thing I noticed is you have title attributes on links that don't need them, ie~ 99.9% at least if not 100% of all your links.
    Check out my thread on accessible web coding to see why that is bad, section 1.

    Like the use of the blockquote tag however you have not referanced where the quote has come from, or who made it, now this can be achieved one of 2 ways.
    Frist way is by including the source in the cite attribute.
    <blockquote cite="">

    Secondly is by actually citing the person using <cite></cite> tags straight after it.

    On your home page you currently have no h1 tag, this should go around your logo on your home page, once the image has been put in.

    Your title element along with tag line should claifiy what your site is about, it is not that obvious when you first view it TBH.

    Would have added them last night but TBH, had a tad too much to drink when I logged on. :)


    Purple ~ XHTML
  13. miralize

    miralize Junior Member

    Ok final design is almost ready. Have to edit a few things but for the most part its done
  14. miralize

    miralize Junior Member

    updated. How is it now?
  15. a bit pixellated (sp.) to me... unless that's the look you're going for :)
  16. jHouse

    jHouse Senior Member

    I think its nice - but it looks just like any other blog these days.
  17. Kevin

    Kevin Senior Member

    It does look quite blenditive... I like the blue, and I like your quote/slogan.

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