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Neon Like Graphic Advice please?

I found this graphic on the web and I want to try and recreate something similar for the words vallies and dapa. (all in lowercase)

I've tried every way possible I can think of to create it, can anyone offer any tips.

Thanks in advance!



Staff member
Well I'd probably just use 3ds max but thats a little extreme.

If I was to use photoshop/illustrator I'd make the letters in black and then manual tweak the shapes to give a similar effect. I'd then use photoshop to do multiple layers in different colours and play around with filters and the eraser till I'm happy.

There's probably other ways too but that would be my approach.


Senior Member
I just recreated this in about half an hour, Photoshop only.
It's not exactly like the example you showed but if you want I can make a video of it to show you how I did it.

Not got time to test this theory out and it's a bit involved but maybe ;

- Create type in illustrator, convert to paths and just have stroke with no fill and copy x3
- To get some variance in the letterform shape use slightly different angled brushes for the stroke of each
- Colour one Red, one green, one blue
- Copy each version into photoshop and overlay them
- Play about with outer and inner glows for each to give a neon glow effect
- Change the layer style to screen to allow the overlap to show
- Mask off some areas and offset the positioning a little to give variance

Simples ;-)
Whipped this up in about 10 mins, by all means it's not perfect and can be improved upon a lot... Just uploading the PSD so you can have a look to see how it was done. But it's 25mb and taking a little while to upload, i'll post the link when it's done.

EDIT here's the PSD, remember it's 25mb in size.

here's the PSD, remember it's 25mb in size. what-up-g.psd

Also, just to note, the initial outline on the letter was done by adding a layer style, setting the fill to zero and giving it a stroke of about 5px and flatting it to the layer.
Cheers guys,

Onartis said:
Yours is much better than the original :p
lol hardly, I really like the original. I might give this another go later to see if I can make a better, more correct (compared to the original) replica.