Needing help with image wordpress saving for the web

jordan bryce

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Hi, hopefully this is the correct area to post this thread.

I've been having alot of trouble when uploading an image to a wordpress website.
the image is pretty big it's 2808 x 848. The reason for this is i was told that using the double the amount of pixels looks better on high resolution screens like apple devices.
So, the image is whisky bottles infront of a background, and when uploading to wordpress the bottles look blurry and detail is lost.
I typically upload in PNG 24. However online the bottles of grainey and blurred. When uploading in JPEG High, the image has no detail and blurry also.

jordan x


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Doesn’t need to be that big. 1000px wide is usually enough.

Is the image blurry in the media library or on the page?

If it’s the latter then it’s probably your theme settings doing something weird. Can you post a link to the page?