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Needed: Someone Fluent in PHP

For an online startup.
Here is rough list of what all would be needed:
- Membership/User management (sign up, edit preferrences etc....)
- Email forwarding/masking.

This sounds like a rather "spammy" thing to be built, but it is far from it. I would just rather not disclose the full purpose of this until someone contacts me directly.

Compensation: I have no idea. I am looking as much to pay someone as I am to form a legal partnership with this person. This is a long term project with great potential for income in the future, but it's sole purpose for the moment is to provide a free service to the public that will change they way we think about mobile email.

Please contact me at aj @ phiredesign.net if you are any bit interested. Thanks guys!


Active Member
I'd be looking at £100,000,000 pay deal, not interested in partnerships at the moment. Feel free to get back to me, (contact in sig)