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Need WordPress/Coding Help!


Senior Member
Hey all!

I've been racking my brains all morning and can't work it out, so thought i'd come here to see if someone could help me!
My coding/knowledge on css/html etc isn't very good and i think this is out of my depth!

Basically, i'm setting up a blog as a personal thing, don't really need readers, its more like a diary type thing. I've got my domain etc and installed Wordpress easily, i found the theme i want to adapt to my own colours which i've done, now I hit my problem.

The theme is this: WordPress › Pyrmont V2 Free WordPress Themes and basically what I want to do is have it so it doesn't auto show the title and description, i want it so i can add a banner at the top, I've found in the code that it uses a bg.gif image which i've successfully changed to my new background colour, but i can't work out how to remove the title text etc and keep its position.
I manually removed the code from the stylesheet.css and header.php but all it does is pull the rest of the content up to the top, so it overlays the new top image!

Could someone please take a look at the theme's style.css and/or header.php and see which code i need to change to make the content stay where it is and so i can just use my new bg.gif as the top image as i want to use my own typography!

Thanks for any help given



Senior Member
If you remove the code from the source, naturally all the other content will slide up. So you'll have to add a margin-top to the following element, here being the navigation.
div#main_navi { margin-top: 200px; ...}/* you might need to adjust the amount to match up with the original position */
However, maybe it's a better idea, to just leave the source code in the header.php file and then just hide it in your css.
div#header { display: none; ...}
And then there is an alternative method, which is the easiest one, changing nothing to your source code, and leaving the navigation in the same position. And that is to just hide it with the visibility property. The advantage being that the title and description are still there, only visible to search engines, screen readers, and people with styling disabled. Disadvantage being that it might be confusing when you're trying to change something in the top part of your layout.
div#header { visibility: hidden; ...}


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Absolute legend!

Thank you mate, thats done what I wanted brilliantly. I've done the 3rd option so that it still shows in google etc, so now I can just make my new header image!

Again, thank you mate!