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Need to find this font, please please help :)

hi all

i'm hoping someone can help, got a bit of a typo emergency. the client doesn't know the font but want to keep as close as possible to it.

please can someone suggest a similar font or even this one if it isn't custom made

thanks for your help



Active Member
without trawling through font finders etc, my first guess it's a custom font/bastardisation based on its extended face which is limited as a true family font
Look at the font Peignot and try horizontally scaling by 180% to extend the face and you may have something 'similar' but not exact.

Duncan Y.

Senior Member
So... have you found the type yet?

I find its hard to google it even i've tried WhatTheFont in MyFonts. The closest is call Keynsia. The mechanism is close but that really some hard work if you need to reproduce it. Hope this helps a lil.