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need some urgent help

hello sorry to throw this upon you but i could really use the forums help

i recently left a job due to contract issues but left on good terms.

i have offered to do freelance work when they need me ie new promo campaigns or flyer designs

i rebranded the company and now they have contacted me again to change a few detals on some work i have already created like phone numbers and website addresses.

i told them i would meet up with them in the next hour to discuss what needs changing but i have no clue how much to charge as a freelance rate, i want to be reasonable but also i don't want to put myself out of pocket

they know i have recently graduated. as they where my first real job since i left uni

i know this may be a real grey area as people charge differently i dont know weather to charge a daily rate or hourly rate

thanks in advance

If it's small amends on work you've already done I presume you'd have a good idea on how long it will take, so I'd give them an hourly rate. A day rate sounds excessive for the amount of work needed.

As to what that hourly rate is for experienced freelancers £20-£35 is fairly standard depending on experience so as they know your not massively experienced prob best to go in lower than that.
really appreciate your help, i think 15 - 20 an hour seems fair

thats a great great help for me, i just wish they taught stuff like this at uni,, it really is stupid how they don't implement this in the course.