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need some help form the pros please


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i have got my first website up and running, i will put it in the feed back section,

but first i wonder if any the coders on here could help me with 2 things,

1st accessability, if anyone could have a look and tell me if my site meets the requirements and what i can do to get it better access wise,

2nd is google optimisation, what do i need to do to get it right up there in a fairly comeptitive market without being sponsered!?!?!?

Cheers in advance for any help, its always good on DF!

nearly forgot, jillybentley



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also just to add, i have only just uploaded my debugged version, so if it hasnt got to you you will know because when you hover over the pic on the home page the quote will come up to the right of it.i just changed that to o to the left. Z


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Hay Bentzak
Your title element should say~
<title>Jilly Bentley online psychotherapy, counselling and life coaching</title>
That tells the search engines more about the page and thus lets them rank it better.

Your logo images alt attribute should be changed from ~
To the following as an alt attribute should say exactly what the image says so this should say ~
alt="Jilly Bentley online psychotherapy, counselling and life coaching"

This should be a h1 tag ~
<p align="left"><span class="style8">Jilly Bentley MApsych. MBACP (accred)</span></p>
<h1>Jilly Bentley MApsych. MBACP (accred)</h1>
As that does several things 1 tells blind users more about the page and that that is your main heading that then allows them to navigate via headings which they can't currently do on your home page. Secondly it tells the search engines what your main keywords are for this page which I always say your home page should be geared up for your domain name or the name you would give some one to find you. So if you can get to the top of the results for Jilly Bentley it's better to say search for Jilly Bentley on-line and you will find me, over just go to www dot jillybentley dot com.

Remove the following ~
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd">
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />

That may be a miscoding but you don't need 2 in there TBH and that may mess with some user agents.

This is a sub heading and thus should be a h2 tag~
<p class="style10">Online counselling can be very focused and might be right for you for a variety of reasons:</p>

Should be ~
<h2>Online counseling can be very focused and might be right for you for a variety of reasons:</h2>

Again that helps the search engines rank the page better and blind user to navigate the page better.

The text on hover is not available to ppl with out disabilities, the best way to do this is 1 provide it to all users so it's more obvious like I don't know place it in a blockquote tag and use the cite tag for the person who said it and place it under the pic, then if you want it on the image hide it via js and then move it and give it styling only when js is on, I can help you out with that if you want.

That way it's available to all including the search engines.

This section here should again be in a h2 tag.
<h2>If you have access to a computer and can use e-mail you might find this method of communication a safe and effective means of support and begin to find a way forward through your problems.</h2>

Then style the h2 in the css to be the same size and colour as you have currently.

But I would rewrite the home pages content TBH, that way it will be more readable and contain the right keywords for the search engines, something like ~

<h1>Jilly Bentley MApsych. MBACP (accred)</h1>
<b>Hello, I‘m Jilly Bentley and I provide a professional online counseling service</b> offering confidential support. Areas in which I work include the following:
<li>Body image career,</li>
<li>Children and young people,</li>
<li>Life coaching,</li>
<li>Parenting relationships,</li>
<li>Substance abuse,</li>
<li> and self injury.</li>
<h2>Online counselling can be very focused and might be right for you for a variety of reasons:</h2>
<b>Perhaps you are unable to commit to regular face to face counseling sessions</b> because of your work or travel situation or <b>you might not be able to get away from home</b> due to responsibilities to others; you might have children or be caring for a relative or it may simply be that <b>you have a disability or are not well enough to attend counseling or life coaching lessons,</b> in which case this is the right solution for you.
[B<b>]Jilly Bentley's online counseling[/B] is also ideal for deaf people</b> as it saves the need for an interpreter or finding a counsellor with sign language knowledge which lets face it can be very hard.
<b>Do you find making or keeping counseling or life couching appointments just to stressful?Or perhaps are simply not comfortable with seeing someone face to face and talking about your problems? Then you don't need to worry as with Jilly Bentley you do it all via the internet from the relaxation and comfort of your own home where you can put your feet up and have a cup of tea made how you like it.
Some people find it helpful to write out their thoughts as trying to explain it to a complete stranger can some times not get the correct message across about how you are feeling, with Jilly Bentley you can spend time getting the email write at a pace suitable to you and not having to worry about your session coming to an end; reflecting on what you written and seeing the progress made as we exchange e-mails.

Something like that anyway.
But online if you ask a question and ppl read it they have to answer it in their head, by bolding certain areas not only are you providing the search engines with better terms to rank your page but more importantly you are allowing ppl who skim read to pick out the best bits and thus get the gist of it quicker. Most ppl wont read the full lot sorry to say.

But finally for competitive terms don't expect to get to the top of the results with out paying someone who knows how to do it, and allow them a budget as well.

Hope it helps.

Purple ~ XHTML