Need some critique for logo design


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Hello everyone,

Would love to hear any critique from you, which logo do you like more and how they could be improved, many thanks!
Logo will be for company who's selling keyboards for gamers.


Nice job. I like more the second one(especially for the concept). The first one is cool as well but I had problems reading the "N" and the contrast between the thickness of the lines is a little too strong for me.
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Paul Murray

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Definitely the second one, the first is dated and hard to read. I'd either move the icon up a bit to add some tension, a bit like below, or add something to the base to emphasise the 'smash' aspect of the name.



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You have done very good job. Both of the logo are looking fine. But for perfection the 2nd one is much better. Because it looks clear rather than the first one.


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Second one. First logo is hard to read. But, as for me, icon on the second logo looks like VK dog's nose and I can't unsee it


The comet symmetry bugs me a little, fixing that then requires the spots to be made a uniform elongation too though:

I like here mostly second one which is included with red and black color. And first one is not bad but it can be improved like here I cant understand BTN with blue color at first look i thought it was only smash, may be using shadow can be more helpful here.