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Need some colour info/advice for a print ad :)

Hello all.

I've a client who I recently provided artwork to. It's a small 1/2 page ad for a newspaper. The client is saying that when they print out the PDF (i'm assuming on a home printer) they get a fuzzy result. When they also download the hi-res jpg they only get the picture, not the text.

The PDF is Press Quality, 300dpi. It comprises of 1 image (grayscale) and the rest is text. Is there a simple explanation for this? What PDF preset should be used for a grayscale newspaper advert?

Hope this makes sense :)



Staff member
outdated acrobat, not using acrobat, printer settings, some random setting in acrobat.

Loads of possibilities really
The image is hi-res. I've printed at my end and it's fine. I guess it could be an issue at their end. The client may well have an old Acrobat as Levi mentioned. I will check with them again. Thanks for the input Sean and Levi :)

Sean Lee-Amies

Yeah, I thought so but I needed to rule it out. If it's working fine for you and not for them, try getting them to update their software - find out what they're running and what versions.
Try saving in a different format (png, tiff etc) try both indesign and photoshop, but it is their end if these don't help. Have try tried printing other stuff?