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Need some advice/suggestions for Themes

It's that time again, I'm really looking for a few themes to go with my speed arts and photo manipulations.

Themes which will grab the viewers attention, I've recently made one in a car parking lot with two cars racing. Which wasn't my best idea, because it wasn't well executed but I need some advice of the people I know will give me the answers.

The more answers the better it is for us to have a more variety of tastes in the videos we produce.

We've also reached 500 views in total which is great in so little time, with 20 subscribers under our belt. We are hoping to be giving away freebies before christmas to get them vital subscribers.




Active Member
Hi Ryan. I would imagine that some typography ones would be really popular. Some videos of 3D text set in a real backdrop. Designers love type.

What about some sci-fi ones too?