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Need Help!!!!!

Hi Guys,

I'm hoping someone can help me. I have no idea about graphic design! Ha, however I can draw! I am hoping to start making handmade greeting cards. My question is if I draw and use paint/ water colours can I scan them on to my computer in order to print them?

I have attached a link to the style that I would like to do?

Does anyone know if paint/ felt/ pencils have been used on these cards?

Thanks in advance


Well-Known Member
Difficult to tell really. They have probably been hand-drawn, scanned, possibly coloured on computer, printed out, then hand-finished.

Paul Murray

Staff member
Most look bespoke from what I've seen. They feature hand-written type in glitter gel, and you have the option of customising hairstyles on one I looked at. I'd guess they have base template cards that print and then modify for each request.