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Need Help

Im wanting to redesign my layout, those who have seen it will know it was quite bland and boring, i would like to include some flash animation, a blog feature and i would like to use lightbox for my portfolio images, im using one.com web hosting, i have adobe dreamweaver on my computer and nvu, which should i go for and how will i be able to upload it to my server on one.

That's alot of things (all very viable) but you sound like you don't know where to start. Maybe start by doing a few tutorials?

HTML & CSS - Nettuts+
has some basic and more advanced site building & creation tutorials that would be good practice

I'm sure there'll be some more links/advice cropping up once people wake up ;)
Thankyou :)
id go out and read a million books about webdesign but i cant,my graphics coursework is stupidly boring and not what i want to do at all but its getting me my gcse and ill be done with school in a few months, but i will try and learn as much as i can about web design


Senior Member
I'm using one as well, and I've been very happy with them for the past two years ;)

They have a little webapp that allows you to upload files to your server, but it only works in Internet Explorer, so let's forget about that, it's not very functional anyway. There are FTP (File Transfer Protocol) programs which you can download that allow you to easily up and download files to and from your server. For Windows, try FlashFXP. For Mac, go either for Cyberduck (free) or Transmit ($29.95 or a passion for pirates).

The setup of those FTP programs isn't particularly difficult, all the details you need are in the registration email you got from one. And if you do get stuck, the live chat is very useful. :up: