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Need help, creating a image in Illustrator

Hello peeps.

I have a old client who contacted me, last worked for him was over a year ago.
I did a image for him (anime/manga style full colour) for him to use as logo for his company.....

I did this in photoshop (only know basic Illustrator to be honest) I did include a AI file (I did using live trace)
However he now want to use the image as labels and his printers have asked for the image to be created in Illustrator.....

I am wondering how is the best way to do this (& fastest)

As I have a new born son (7 weeks old) I really have my hands full... So only time I get is when dear husband can look after him or he is asleep...

This client is a complete sweetheart and have possible future business connections with him.... So I really would like to find a way to do this for him.

Although I have shut up shop for a while, I aim to relearn and set up a portfolio of work while on mat leave.....

Any pointers, links to tuts, advise is more then welcome.....

Many Thanks

Emma xXx
Thanks Typo,
I think I drop you PM.... need all the help I can get

Although may not be able to chat till later/tomorrow... baby is awake and needs a bath

Speck soon xXx


Well-Known Member
I would post something but it seems I've been beaten to it. If for any reason you need further help I'm also available.